Welcome to an Engineer's Dream

Engineers dream of immense generic buildings containing all possible products, waiting to be ordered and delivered in perfectly smooth fashion, as easily as one conducts a web search.


They dream of automated warehouses organized around giant shelving units, forming metallic grids that extend in all directions within a homogeneous and indifferent space--in which the infinite variety of the world is reduced to Euclidean coordinates.

They would like the transportation of merchandise to proceed as automatically as the circulation of data on the Internet. They dream of detecting in our unconscious thought the products that we desire, to produce on demand, to provide them to us even before we realize that we want them, so that we receive them at home as so many packages beneath the Christmas tree.


Engineers dream of cuddly toy seals that take care of the elderly in retirement homes. They read their thoughts and fuss over them in their sleep. They surf the Internet in search of the memory of their youth, and speak to them in the sweet voices of their children who left long ago, or of lovers now deceased.

They dream of refrigerators that centralize all of a family's information on one screen. They imagine a life entirely ordered from a single point. You would never have to leave the comfort of your home.


The dreams of engineers are interpreted by marketing teams. They use scriptwriters to imagine stories, filmmakers to film these stories, and actors to personify them. They think up products, to which they attribute attractive personalities. Entrepreneurs make dreams materialize. Products are sold to actual people.

Les aspirateurs Roomba reconstituent le plan de l
Les aspirateurs Roomba reconstituent le plan de l'appartement qu'ils nettoient. [Source](

A melody leads us through the discovery of these new devices. A little girl plays with a milk bottle, spilling it on the ground and the cat, before putting it away, empty. The refrigerator reports this information to the father, who receives the image on his telephone. He appears almost by miracle in a giant supermarket, and is perfectly happy to put a new bottle in his cart. Children squabble over the color of the lighting in the bathroom, giving colored orders such as red, green, blue...the father is now in his spa with a mist machine, a long shot shows a high tech environment, he would prefer yellow. Mothers seem fulfilled, chic and classy, they don't look tired of running after the help robot, which the young girl often hides to get revenge. There are no user manuals, everything is done by vocal commands and magic buttons, the father only has breakfast with the family, returning late at night to collapse on cushions, while a robotic instantiation heeds requests to modify temperature, volume, and light. In such scenarios the characters, who are invariants, offer to play with variables, which appear to be very minor adjustments in their modern and spacious homes. Their action boils down to lowering or raising (the volume, temperature, light...), and reactivates the injunctions presented by advertisements during parametric games: women and men tease one another, like children, like cats and dogs. The fridge (there's a subscription) calls the warehouse, which makes a delivery, as do many other connected objects. The mirror connected to the closet skims through the online catalog, undressing its client in order to dress her better. The delivery arrives at the front door, or directly in the fridge or the cupboard, through the lock, which says yes (the lock always says yes); the buttons add a brand of detergent, soap, toilet paper, and bottled water per subscription (the same subscription as for films, books, other objects, etc.), which directly leads to another delivery. The buttons are connected to a brand that settles in, that nests there for life. The door opens for the delivery person, for family and friends, for manufacturers and the brands connected to the devices, which robot vacuums initiated by crisscrossing the rooms, and sending blueprints of the location to the networks.


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